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Moshi Changai

Picture of Moshi Changai

Moshi Changai

Moshi is from the Irangi tribe and knows everything there is to know about African animals and the environment. His main focus now is the Kondoa region of Tanzania. He lives with his wife and 2 children.

Tribe Visit (Barbaig or Sandawe)


The Sandawe and Barabaig tribes live very close together but have vastly different ways of life.

The Sandawe people are a small group living near the town of Kondoa who speak the tonal language using click sounds.  The Sandawe have great musical and dance traditions that celebrate each area of life.  The Barabaig tribe, on the other hand, are pastoralists who move with their cattle. The Barabaig live in tune with nature, as they rely totally on the environment for all their needs, including food, shelter and medicine.

Experience the culture and life of these tribes for an afternoon.  Walk to the bush, harvest honey, participate in finding food or help make a bow and arrow that is traditionally used for hunting.

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